Escape Room at the Library!

Registration begins on June 1st. You have 30 minuets to solve the Escape Room and a staff member will walk you through the rules and guidelines before you begin. Minimum of 2 people required to sign up (people living in the same household) and no more than a group of 5. For ages 12 and up.

You are a group of undercover spies. You were informed that a local Richland Center crime syndicate has been up to no good and may have stolen priceless artifacts from the Brewer Public Library’s History Room. You are looking for a flash drive that contains the hidden location of all these artifacts. The flash drive is hidden somewhere inside an office room on the second floor of the Brewer Public Library. You have to locate and retrieve this flash drive before it is taken to a new location. You have 30 minutes in the room to find the flash drive before your presence is detected and your cover is blown. Good luck!