Brewer Public Library Against Racism

In these challenging times, the Brewer Public Library would like to acknowledge that we support the black community and all people of color. We condemn racism and we stand with all people of color in protest of racism, discrimination, and the pain and anguish marginalized communities continue to experience.

The Brewer Public Library is a safe and inclusive organization where all people may reside and learn without fear. Our community must come together to try to solve issues of social injustice in order to create a better place to live and work for all community members. Library resources are readily available to be utilized to increase education and awareness on challenging issues that need to be addressed.

By issuing this statement the Brewer Library would like to communicate our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We shall combat racism and inequality by contributing to the community in a way that promotes equal access to all community members. In order to achieve equitable access for all, the Library shall strive to:

*Eliminate racial and social barriers to library programs, services, policies and procedures

*Maintain an environment of respect, diversity, and inclusion

*Reach and engage unserved and underserved populations within our service population

*Facilitate conversations and partnerships to address community needs

*Be forthright on challenging issues that are important to the community